Dying Light 2: Alder Windmill Guide

Climb and reach for the top of the Alder Windmill!

Dying Light 2 puts an emphasis on solving puzzles through parkour and movement. The Alder Windmill is one of the quests you can get in Dying Light 2, which will give you rewards. This guide will show you how you can get to the top of the Alder Windmill.

Alder Windmill Guide – Dying Light 2

One of the objectives you will receive in the Alder Windmill questline is to activate the windmill. To do this, however, you need to climb the windmill first. The windmill is incredibly high, and it can be challenging to climb it without knowing where to go.

You will start at the bottom of the windmill, and you need to climb on the metal platform that has a yellow X cushion on it. Wait for the wooden platform across you to come down.

Jump once to gain momentum from the cushion and then jump forward towards the platform. When it reaches the top, run and jump across the other side and turn right.

At the very edge, you will see a small ladder going up.

Jump up the ladder and you should be able to reactivate the Alder Windmill.

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