Dying Light 2: Meet The People Of The Bazaar

Meet and greet the survivors in the Bazaar!

Even though the Harran Virus has taken over the world, all hope is not lost. There are still plenty of survivors who are now helping each other. Meet the survivors that are all over the Bazaar and get to know them in this questline.

Meet the people of the Bazaar – Dying Light 2

There are multiple objectives in the main storyline called ‘’The Only Way Out’’. One of the objectives in the quest is to meet the people of the bazaar. This guide will show you how you can complete the quest and progress the main storyline.

When you reach the Bazaar, talk to Carlos who is leaning next to the sofa, and he will give you a side quest.

Once you receive the quest, talk to Lena near the stairway. Turn left and talk to Julian to get another side quest.

Complete the side quest and talk to all the NPC. The NPCs you need to talk to are highlighted by a green outline.

Go outside the pub and investigate the missing poster on your left. Go back inside and use the back door across the stairway.

Exit to the garden and talk to the NPCs, completing the Cheers! Quest.

Once you complete the two side quests talking to the NPCs, you will hear Hakon speaking to you.

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