Dying Light 2: Houndfield Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe Code

Get the loot inside the safe in Houndfield!

Getting a lot of loot in Dying Light 2 can help improve your stats and weapons, giving you better chances of survival. However, not all loot can be easily accessible. One of the loots you can get is inside a safe in the Houndfield’s Nightrunner Hideout.

Houndfield Safe Code – Dying Light 2

Safes are scattered across Dying Light 2, and they can contain rewards and loot for your character. One of the NIghtrunner’s Hideout in Houndfield contains a safe, but it requires a code. So how exactly can you open it?

Start by going to the eastern part of the Houndfield area and you will find the Nightrunner’s Hideout.

Once inside, turn right and you will see a safe on top of the workbench that requires a code.

Go further north then turn left to find a room with a mattress inside. You will find a case right beside the mattress and the wooden table. Get the item inside the case and you will find that it is the safe code.

Go back to the safe and go to your collectibles inventory. Select the safe code paper and you will see that the safe code is 101.

Interact with the safe and use the Dial to enter the code to open it.

You will get an inhibitor for opening the safe. 

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