Dying Light 2: How To Clear Evacuation Convoy | Military Convoy

Add more to your arsenal by clearing out this area for weapon loots!

Weapons and gear make a lot of difference when it comes to fighting the infected in Dying Light 2. However, getting weapon loots can be challenging if you do not know where to look. This guide will show you how you can clear the Military Convoy for its loot.

Clear Evacuation Convoy – Dying Light 2

The Military Convoy is one of the loot sources you can find in the game. You can find it in the western part of the Muddy Grounds Area. Clearing out this area gives you a chance to get weapons, gear, and accessories.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the Convoy Icon on the map will remain even after clearing out the area.

To start, go into the area on the map above and clear out the zombies surrounding the yellow ambulance. Be prepared for a fight and use items like a flamethrower to slow them down if you have to.

  • Once you clear out the zombies, lockpick the yellow ambulance to get some loot.
  • Next, lockpick the truck door beside it.
  • Look into the armored car near it for more loot.

You have the possibility to get loots like MRE, weapons, and more. You can repeatedly loot this area if you ever need more resources.

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