Dying Light 2: The First Biomarker Guide

Complete the First Biomarker side quest using this guide!

Dying Light 2 not only offers an engaging storyline but also offers multiple side quests that can tell you more about its world. The Biomarker is one of the wearable gadgets that helps track the THV agent concentration in your blood. This guide will show you how you can complete the First Biomarker side quest.

First Biomarker Guide – Dying Light 2

To start the quest, you need to go to the Trinity area and head west to the border. Talk to the NPC called McGregor nearthe wooden shack to know more about the first Biomarker. You will learn that it is currently locked up inside St. Joseph’s Hospital.

You will receive the three riddles you need to solve from McGregor so start heading to the hospital. You can do so by following the pathway to your left, jumping across the roofs.

Once you reach the medical center, jump up the ledge near the entryway to reach the quest marker.

You will see the safe in this room and the Biomarker will be inside. Enter the code 9 7 2on the safe to open it and take the Biomarker.

Now return to McGregor to get an inhibitor as a reward.

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