Dying Light 2: The Rose Garden Guide

Let’s deliver a rose in behalf of Peter.

There are a lot of side quests that you can take in the Dying Light 2. These side quests do not necessarily affect the story, but they can give you rewards and good loot. This guide will show you how you can complete the Rose Garden side quest.

Rose Garden Guide – Dying Light 2

You can start the side quest by going to the northwestern part of the Quarry End.

Talk to the NPC called Peter in the area to get the quest. Peter will tell you about the story of his flower shop and the old lady that visits him daily.

After finishing the dialogue, he will give you a dried rose and you need to find the glasshouse. You can find this house in the southern part of the Quarry End, in Old Mound Street.

Go to the area and you should see a bus and a bus stop. Climb the house to the north of it and then jump down to the right. Head north and turn left, then turn left again. You will see an open entrance to the house on your right.

Go inside the house and turn right to the greenhouse. Investigate the corpse on the chair to your right.

Report back to Peter and this will complete the Rose Garden side quest.

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