Dying Light 2: How To Climb The Church Tower Guide

Learn how to climb the top of the Church Tower!

People are missing and you need to get to the top of the Church Tower to learn more about the victims in Dying Light 2. This quest is one of the objectives in the side quest called Missing Persons. This guide will show you how you can climb the Church Tower and proceed with the side quest.

Climb the Church Tower – Dying Light 2

After talking to Roger, you will get a new objective in the Missing Persons side quest called Climb the Church Tower. Follow the quest marker to get out of the church and turn right, then turn right again.

Go in front of the tent with LED lights hanging off of it and climb it. You will see a series of ledges on your right side. After climbing, turn left and you will see a wooden platform you can climb. Once you are on top of the wooden platform, jump across the other wooden platform in the middle.

Use the yellow bar to get to the other side and crouch underneath the yellow planks blocking the window. Once inside, jump across the yellow bars and aim for the wooden platform on your back. Keep climbing up and aim for the metal bars sticking out on the wall.

Jump across the two pillars to get to the very top of the roof. Once you are near the protruding roof, jump across and climb the top of the tower.

Open the door to reveal Damien on top of the tower. 

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