Escape From Tarkov: How To Get Free Rubles From The Traders | Barter Guide

Infinite money for you!

Escape From Tarkov is really giving players a hard, hard time… The game is as gritty and ruthless as promised and full of weapons, equipment and armor that you can gain or buy from all over the world. But does that mean you actually HAVE to work for your money? Of course it doesn’t! Here is a neat way you can become a master bargainer and take money from each and every last trader in Escape From Tarkov!

How To Get Free Rubles From Traders – EFT Barter Guide

So there are multiple barters you could do to gain a lot of money fast. The way you do this is by going to the Flea Market.

The Flea Market is perfect for this because you can trade as many times as you want stock that keeps resetting, which means that if you found a really profitable barter, you can make free money!

Now, finally, let’s get into these trade deals that will get you a ton of rubles:

  1. SilencerCo Osprey 9 suppressor

    For this trade to be feasible, you need to have level 20. If you do, go to the Mechanic and then to the II tab in the Flea Market.
    You will find the Osprey there and you can buy one in exchange for 1 EDrill. Right-click on the drill and select “Filter by item”. Remember this because we will do it often.
    This will give you a list of drills for sale that will be around 15k and 17k. Buy two of them, since the max limit of barters before resetting is 2.
    If you go back to the Mechanic and select the “Sell” tab, the price to sell the Osprey is 22k.
    Now you rinse and repeat. This results in an average profit of 5k per trade.

  2. SilencerCo Hybrid 46 silencer

    To get one of these bad boys you’ll need 4 RAM. Remember, right-click, select the “Filter by item” option and buy 9 of them.
    Their price is around 8k and 9k. You should always try to get a better price than the average. So shoot for around 7k.
    The price for the Hybrid is 40k when you sell it back, so that is an 8k profit on average per Hybrid.

  3. LCD

    For this one you basically become a repairman. You will need to buy 2 BrokenLCD to fix them into a LCD.
    The price for the Broken LCD is around 8k and 10k. Shoot for under 9k and then you go to the Therapist in the Flea Market and sell them for 24k.
    Huge profit from this one since you have a limit of 10 LCDs you can repair and you make on average 6k per LCD.

If you do these trades often, you can average 150k a day when you’re persistent.

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