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Escape From Tarkov: New Killa Spawn Locations In 12.11

Know where Killa is in order to hunt or avoid him!

A couple of days ago, Killa had a couple of changes added to his spawn rate and location on the Interchange map, and players are surprised as this came out of nowhere, with no announcement from the developers. With the 12.11 update for Escape from Tarkov, you wouldn’t be surprised to stumble into Killa randomly while roaming the shopping mall, seeing bursts of bullets coming straight at your face from a dark corner. With the help of this article, this will never happen to you!

New Killa Spawn Locations In 12.11 – Escape From Tarkov

Here are the locations you can stumble into Killa in the 12.11 update of EFT:

  • Outside KIBA

    This is the original spawn we’re all used to from the previous versions, just outside of KIBA, next to the Brutal Store.
    He will patrol around the place, even go up the metal staircase, around Jacob and Jacob and then come back down. Sometimes he will sit next to some sandbags.
    This is still the most common spawn location for him, even though he got this update.

  • In IDEA

    IDEA is now one of his spawn locations. Well, actually, most of the big stores in Ultra Mall are spawn points now.
    We will walk around right at the entrance, around the cash registers. He will also sit sometimes in the kitchen area.

  • In Goshan

    Goshan seems to be the best spawn location for players. Here he doesn’t move a lot and, even if he does, you will always have places you can maneuver around here.

  • In OLI

    OLI is the hardest Superstore he can spawn at since he can basically spawn anywhere and it is pretty hard to find him.
    He will also most likely find you first, and that usually ends in regret.

  • In Underground Parking

    The last palace you can find him is right underneath OLI and right underneath IDEA. He can spawn anywhere in this Car Park.
    He will shoot you through cars and boxes here with his 20/20 vision so be careful.

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