Escape From Tarkov: Prapor Task Guide (12.11.2) | Capturing Outposts

Thus, a new challenger has appeared!

Escape From Tarkov has released a new update with a lot of various improvements, changes to quality of life and quests for the player to start enjoying this experience even more. With the 12.11.2 update, new quests that could be hard to accomplish on your own are pretty common now. Luckily, we can help you through it with this guide. The Capturing Outposts quest is a pretty easy one to do but here is exactly how you can finish it!

Prapor Task Guide 12.11.2 – EFT Capturing Outposts

First of all, know that for many of the quests that have been added you need a pretty high level. For this quest you will need level 45.

The objectives for this quest are to get many kills in many different places. 30 kills in the Scav Base in the Customs and the Woods, and another 15 kills at the Pier on the Shoreline.

The Scav Base in the Customs is the big construction site in the center of the expanded zone. You can see how it looks in this picture:

The base in the woods is the medical area next to the blood sample car and close to the RUAF extract point.

The final location, at the Pier, right on the Shoreline, is at the big blue and white building next to the gas station.

In each of these places you will have to get 15 PMC kills. Now I know this won’t be easy but with a lot of perseverance you should be able to do this.

The quest is rated as a pretty difficult quest, having almost a 5 star difficulty, so prepare to spend some time on it!

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