Expeditions: Rome – Character Creation Guide | Classes, Subclasses & Skills

Learn which classes suit you best in Expeditions Rome!

There are a lot of classes and subclasses in Expeditions: Rome. Each class has a different set of skills, and it is up to you to choose the class of your character when starting the game. This guide will show you the differences between each class, so you know which class suits you best.

Character Creation Guide — Expeditions: Rome

When you first create your character, you have the option to change the appearance and gender of your character.

After this, you will need to choose between 3 rhetorical styles for your character.

  • Ethos: focuses on using fear and power to lead
  • Logos: uses logical arguments and reasoning to convince your people and,
  • Phatos:  focuses on using emotional manipulation to get your way.

NOTE: Your dialogue options will vary depending on the rhetorical style you chose.

After this, it is time to choose your class. Each class has 3 sub-class options, allowing your character to morph into your preferred playstyle.


Princeps are the tanks of the game and focus on equipping shields to defend themselves. Here are its 3 sub-classes:

  • Defender: focuses on protecting allies
  • Vanguards: charges into enemy lines using their shield
  • Veterans: lock down enemies and have high resistance to enemies that locks them down as well


A Veles, on the other hand, is a dual-wielder that uses medium-type armor. This class deals massive damage to enemies.

  • Assassin sub-class: deals massive single-target damage to enemies
  • Duelist: has high evasion, allowing them to dodge attacks
  • Brawlers: are a versatile subclass of Veles, allowing them to penetrate enemy formations.


Sagittarius is the archer class, they can deal long-range damage but their weakness is an enemy with a shield. You may choose one of these 3 specifications:

  • Marksmen archers: are more on the defensive side
  • Hunters have lower range but can shoot multiple enemies
  • Snipers: has the highest range but focuses on single-target damage to enemies.


In the last class, the Triarius is a support class, focusing on buffing and healing their allies fighting on the front lines. Here are its 3 subclasses:

  • Medics: focuses on healing their allies
  • Flagbearers: buffs allies
  •  Destroyers: uses attacks that can destroy the armor of enemies

You can also check the armor of each class on the right side of the screen. If you hover on the subclass, you will see the active skills you will get if you chose the subclass.

The Princeps is one of the most straightforward classes while the Triarius is one of the more challenging classes in the game. Once you are done choosing your class, it is time to choose your skills.

You will have more skill points as you progress into the game.  Hover on a skill to learn its effects. Some skills are locked unless you maxed out the skill before it.

In the skills screen, you will find the class of other characters as well. You can also equip the skills you want to use in the Skills screen.

And that’s it. Which of these is your pick?

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