Expeditions Rome: How To Change UI Size

Modify UI according to your tastes!

UI Scale is an option that allows users to highlight certain aspects of the game at the user interface such as texts and graphics for many different reasons like when they look at small changes or discrepancies in resolution.

How To Change UI Size | Expeditions Rome

Because of the many devices we own, application and game developers use one-size-fits-all access to all interfaces. There is nothing worse than having an application stretched on a display that is larger than what the application is optimized for.

Fortunately with modern operating systems it is easy to change to UI scale. This is good so you do not have to write code for individual screens.

But what if we do not have that option somewhere, how will we solve that problem? We will explore this problem here in Expeditions Rome.

In Expeditions Rome, the smallest UI Scale settings are large for the game and users can not adjust it to their preferences.

 Here are a few steps you may want to consider:

  • For the first step you need to type in the Run bar %LocalAppData% then find ExpiditionsRome> Saved> Config>WindowsNoEditor.
  • Next, edit the file Engine.ini and on the end of the file add the following text:



  • Next you need to save the file and after that start the game.
  • Default UI scaling is 1.0 so you can make it bigger or smaller that depends on your preferences.
  • You need to place the command at the bottom of [Core.System] in the Ini file.

This is not a solution that will surely help everyone, but there are many cases in which this fix worked.

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