Can You Respec In Expeditions Rome?

Is it possible to reallocate your skill points?

Expeditions: Rome is out and there are a lot of classes and subclasses to choose from. Each class and character get skill points to spend in their skill tree. However, is it possible to reallocate the skill points you already used?

Respec Skill points — Expeditions: Rome

When you create your character, you can choose your class and subclass for your character. You can also choose different rhetorical styles which can affect your dialogue options.

Each class has a different set of skills, and you can also hire characters that are in different classes than you.

This will help create a more balanced team depending on your playstyle. If you go to the menu and select the Skills tab, you will see the skills tree for each character.

You will also find the class of each character in this menu. To unlock or upgrade a skill, you are going to need skill points, which you can earn as you progress through the game. However, if you want to reallocate your skill points, you may be wondering if there is a way to reset your skill tree.

Unfortunately, there is no respec or reallocation option on the game yet. You cannot reallocate the skill points that you already used in your skill tree. You can, however, hire other characters to compliment your team.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the developers on the steam page in case they ever decide to add the respec option in the game.

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