Expeditions Rome: Mission 3 – March On Mytilene Guide | Full Walkthrough

Hands on deck! Now, for our strategy…

The March On Mytilene is the third mission in Expeditions: Rome. The questline requires you to defeat enemies, with the game teaching you the arts of battle. This guide will show you how you can complete the March On Mytilene questline.

March on Mytilene Guide — Expeditions: Rome

To begin the quest, talk to Marcus Minicus Thermus and go to the Training area to speak to Gavius.

Once you are ready, you will enter a practice fight with your allies. Place your archers at the back and start the fight.

Gavius will teach you about tactical items so start advancing with your melee troops.

Get one of your archers out from the shield and throw the Pila on the troop with a shield equipped. Keep attacking until you are out of action points. Use the bandage when your characters are bleeding.

After winning the practice fight,talk to Gavius and report back to Thermus.

You will enter a surprise battle after this, and you have to win the battle within 4 rounds. Here is a step by step guide that you may adapt as your game strategy:

  • Place Syneros on the southwestern tile and Caeso beside him.
  • One tile away from Syneros, place Julius.
  • Place Bestia next to Syneros and Caeso.
  • Tullus should be next to Julius before you can begin the battle.

Have Tullus perform an aimed shot at Gymnites on the center and step forward. Throw the Pilum at the same troop and use a Barbed arrow on the militia to the left.

Make Tullus step back behind Julius and make Julius perform an aimed shot on the militia to the left, finishing it off.

  • Have Julius step forward and perform interrupt on the last militia to the right.
  • Have Syneros and Bestia go to the soldiers on the left.
  • Make Bestia perform a sucker punch on the Hoplite.
  • Put Caseo next to Bestia and use Slash and Shield Push on the hoplite.

Wait for the friendly and enemy turn to end and focus on advancing on the left side of the map.

Use your archers to aim for the enemy on the upper ledge and take out the remaining militia on the left.

Advance forward to Thermus on the next round, using your archers to attack the enemies near Thermus.

Once you get to Thermus, bandage him up and start falling back south. Take the longer route when falling back south to avoid the attacks of the enemies on the ledge.

Use your archers when attacking the enemies on the left ledge and if Thermus is healed enough, you can use him to defeat the enemies that jump off the left ledge. This can clear out the shorter path and allow your allies to walk through.

Assist him with your archers and retreat to the narrow pass.

Once all six characters are in the narrow pass, you win the fight and complete the mission.

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