FASTEST Steam Level Guide | Quickest Steam Levelling Methods

What does the scouter say about his Steam Level?! – It’s over 9000!

FASTEST Steam Level Guide | Quickest Steam Levelling Methods

If you are a gamer you are probably using Steam. Steam has more than 120 million users all across the world! So this is where we come to get ourselves to a much higher level and standard than the rest of them. Who doesn’t want to be at a higher level in something? Well, you’re looking at the fastest Steam level guide.

In this guide, we will be showing you the way how you can get to a much higher level by using very simple methods. Leveling up can become like a hobby for you once you get going. 

Quickest Steam Leveling Methods | FASTEST Steam Level Guide

Basically, the majority of XP and the level that you’re going to be getting to level up your steam levels will be coming from the Trading Cards. These trading cards can be later on turned into badges which in turn will mean more XP for you and your steam account.

Getting these Trading Cards in steam can be free, but it is very unworthy doing because the time you’ll be spending will not be converted directly into leveling up. So it is a Pay to Win kind of situation.

Why Would You Want A Higher Level?

You will want to Level up your steam mostly on the account of bragging rights. Who doesn’t want to be at the highest and bestest unreachable level?! You can show your account with pride and decorate it to make your rivals and enemies jealous of you. It works the same as in the real world, if you have a higher level it means that you’ll have more friends! Profit!

There are some extra functions that higher levels will bring you some benefits:

  • Higher steam friends limit – for each that you go up you are able to add more friends. Each level will increase your level limit by 5. You can get the most amount of friends inside your friend list of a number of 2000 accounts.
  • Different Showcases – you are able to put more info and stuff that will make your steam account much richer than before. This can be maybe some hard to get achievements, screenshots, reviews, guides, artwork, items for trading, etc.
  • Higher Respect- the higher the level you are the more people are going to value your opinion. This is especially the save for reviews, creating mods, comments on forums, etc.


You can craft badges in order to get XP. These badges will sometimes give you a random Emoticon, a background, picture, and sometimes even if you’re lucky a coupon for a random game that you might have wanted to buy previously. The higher your level the higher the chance you’re most likely to get dropped as a card pack just by simply logging into steam weekly. 

You can also level up your badges with XP and this number can go to unlimited amounts.

Leveling Up Your Steam Profile

The fastest way of leveling up your profile is unfortunately spending money. This can be spending some cash in the middle of sales for sales badges is a very good source of XP. They give a 100XP per level and you can level up your badges to a crazy high amount. This is the best way of leveling up your account assuming that you can find these cards for cheap and then buy them.

You can get sale card drops also when you are crafting these Badges. Every time you craft a badge you’re more than likely to get a sale card as well and this is usually how it goes. It is a very good way to get some XP and is a very forgotten route to take by a lot of players. Just keep in mind that the bestest time for crafting badges is during big Steam Sale Periods. This way you’ll get a lot of free card drops as well. In this way, you can craft the Steam Sale Badge which grants XP too.

Source: TroubleChute

Buying cards from the Steam Community Market is also a very handy way of getting XP. Of course, you would be spending money on this too, but these cards are sometimes very cheap and can lead to a lot of high XP gains.

If you do have some half-complete badge cards, for example the ones shown in the picture, you can click on it and go ahead and find the missing card. Once you complete all of it you’re going to get a badge and then some XP as well.

For finding cheap cards for buying in a short time you can use this link:

Foil Cards are just fancier types of cards than the normal ones and they will grant you may much more XP than the other average ones. So you can target these ones maybe for buying and completing full sets.

Trading Bots

The quickest and most effective way of getting some XP is trading keys for badges with bots. It is absolutely crucial that you find a bot with a good rate before you start buying or selling something.

You can buy tradeable keys for games like Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, and you can go trading with bots on steam. Make sure that you buy the tradeable keys and not from the in-game CS GO market before you go selling. All of TF’s 2 items are tradable though.

A very good bot that you might try to get a very nice trade is through this link here:

Source: TroubleChute

You can check out their rates which are extremely good at the very moment. So don’t waste time and if you’re after some easy levels make sure to find this FragZone Bot.

Source: TroubleChute

You can type in the level that you want once you’ve added them on steam and they will let you know what it will cost you to get to the desired level. This can be anything from a single level up, to a whopping +100 levels in a day!

You will wait for Accept Trade and go on the lookout for buying some items and trading in the keys with the bot. It is super simple and extremely good for leveling up.

Mass Crafting Badges

You can also mass craft some badges for a specific game. If the game is hot and you’ll check that the trading cards are in need, you can mass craft over 5x badges at a time. These badges you can then use for trading or selling or simply get to have them for the higher levels.

Source: TroubleChute

You can check out all the badges for some games and press to Craft One of Each for some games. This is an easy way to get some easy trading cards to turn them into badges right after.

That is about it! These are the ways how you can level up and gain some prestige in your Steam World. A big thank you and gratitude goes to TroubleChute from YouTube. You can check him out on his channel here.

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