Steam Awards Nomination Committee 2022 Badge Guide

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We’re getting close to the end of the year and that means we’re going through a lot of sales as well as the Steam Awards. That’s right, the steam awards is back and it’s time for you to nominate your favorite game to the award that they deserve. That or just do the awards for the various rewards you can get, that works too. Whatever your goal is in the Steam Awards, for people who are new to the awards or forgot how to do this, this article is for you. In this guide we’ll show you how to go through the Steam Awards and get your badge.

Badge Guide 2022: Steam Awards nomination Committee

Steam badges is something that a lot of people who use the platform work hard to get. It’s something that levels up their profiles so that they can get more steam friends, more content blocks on their profile and so on. Most users of steam don’t really bother with this but don’t tell them, they get rather upset of this fact. For those who want to get their Badge for the steam awards this is how you get them.

When you go to the Steam store and scroll down you can see the button to start nominating games for awards. There’s a lot of awards that you’ll have to fill up and some of them you can skip since not everyone has it, like VR Game of the Year.

When you click the Nominate button for a certain award it’ll show you some examples of games that you’ve played that you can nominate for it. If you don’t see the game you want then you can search for it or go to their steam page and nominate there.

To get the badge you first need to nominate at least 1 game. Then you need to play the game you’ve nominated. Then you have to nominate a game for all categories, you can skip the ones you can. Remember, you can’t nominate one game for all categories, so no you can’t nominate Elden Ring for everything even though it’ll be really funny. Finally you need to give a review or update a review of a game you’ve nominated.

With all of that you can get the badge you for the Steam Awards!

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