Top 5 Games You Should Try In Steam Next Fest

Try these amazing upcoming games for free!

5 Games You Should Try In Steam Next Fest

Another Steam Next Fest has arrived and with it comes new Demos you can download and try out. It’s one of the best events Steam has ever made as it brings back demos being a thing. Now, we can try out the upcoming games without paying anything or going through some hoops like trying to get into closed betas. You can just pick a game that’s participating in the event and download it to try it!

We’ll show you our top 5 picks for games you should try playing in Steam Next Fest. We’ll have a wide range of games from fast-paced FPS slasher games to RTS games and even remasters. Now, let’s see what these games are!

Games You Should Try In Steam Next Fest

The Steam Next Fest event is where a bunch of upcoming games release demos for everyone to try their game out. Some of these games are nearing their completion while other games are far from release, so the demos may vary in content.

The event lasts until October 16 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7), so you have plenty of time to try these games out. Here are the ones that we highly suggest you check out!

Make sure to check out our guide on how to fix the Content Servers Unreachable errors in Steam if you get that problem!

Ghostrunner 2

As you can see this game is a sequel to the first Ghostrunner game and if you haven’t played that yet you should! Ghostrunner 2 is an FPS game that focuses on quick melee combat with your Katana and fast-paced action with smooth and quick movements.

Run and slide around, cutting your enemies down and throwing shurikens for those annoying ones that are too far.

Ghostrunner 2 Fighting Enemy

The game focuses on running and dashing. You can do wall running, grappling, and mid-air dashes making it easy for you to style on both the level and the enemies.

Did I mention that there’s a parry system as well? This game can get quite complex and mastering the various systems and mechanics can make you unstoppable.

Ghostrunner 2 Wall Running

At one point in the demo, you get to ride a bike and go through this ultra-fast course filled with hazards, ramps, and of course wall riding.

I’ll be honest, this is where most of my deaths were in the game but I’m sure you’re better at driving than me! The demo is quite short though so make sure to play the first game if you haven’t yet!

Last Train Home

The Last Train Home is an RTS game that lets you control a part of the Czechoslovak Legion in World War 1. It follows a fictional story that is heavily based on the real-life events of how the Czechoslovak soldiers had to go through Russia in the middle of their civil war. Their goal was to go back home to their newly formed country.

Last Train Home Train Over Bridge

In the game, you control Czech and Slovak legion soldiers as they try to get to Vladivostok from Moscow.

Along the way, they’ll encounter Russian Red and White forces, and they’ll have to deal with this complex problem while trying to get resources like weapons, ammunition, and food along the way.

Last Train Home Explosion

The game features small skirmishes with different units with their classes and traits. You’ll also need to procure supplies for your troops and the train like getting metal to make heating for the harsh Siberian winter. All while going through the story of a foreign force skirting around a complex political civil war.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition

For those long-time fans of the Stronghold series here is a remastered version of the classic game. Stronghold: Definitive Edition upgrades the looks of the old game with a higher resolution coat of paint while still holding its original charm.

It’s not one of those remakes that change the game drastically, but it makes it smooth to play in modern systems.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition Attacking Enemy

Not only does it have better graphics overall, but it also adds one whole new campaign into the game. That means veterans of the game who have memorized the campaigns like the back of their hands can have something new as well.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition City Building

Stronghold has the perfect mix of RTS and city building that not a lot of games nowadays have. You get to control the production of your castle from making wheat farmers to millers and finally bakeries.

Don’t forget that you can also make things like Cow Pastures, tanneries to make leather armor, and blacksmiths to make maces for macemen. It’s all production lines and warfare!


Enshrouded is an open-world survival crafting game, now I know that sounds too familiar for some people and it is. This game is perfectly summed up as if Valheim and Age of Conan had a baby.

You go around a beautiful world exploring and finding resources while you get different NPCs to unlock new crafting recipes.

Enshrouded Skull Rock

The game also has areas where it’s shrouded by a thick fog, and you’ll need to go through them quick or die.

You can also find certain items to prolong your stay in these places if you want to explore more. The map is filled with a lot of points of interest to find like bandit camps or dungeons.

Enshrouded Exploring Dungeon

The game also has some RPG mechanics with skills to further customize how you play the game. You can focus using different weapons like swords and axes or bows and wands plus more.

There are also powerful bosses you can find in the game and if you defeat them, you can get some even better loot!

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Remember when Vampire Survivors took the gaming scene with its simple yet addicting premise of surviving for as long as you can? Well, what if it weren’t vampires but dwarves?

That’s where Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor comes into play. Control your dwarf as they try to survive against waves upon waves of space bugs in the deep dark caves in search of ores.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Wave Defense

This game came out of left field from the usual FPS action that Deep Rock Galactic had but fans are interested. It’s a new take on the whole formula of dwarves fighting monsters in deep, dark, and dangerous caves.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Bug Horde

The original game was more in line with co-op though and since this game doesn’t have that it may turn off a few people.

Perhaps in the final release, they’ll have some sort of co-op mode to get to that experience. For now, it still is fun with different weapons and monsters to fight. See how long you can last in the demo!

Those are all the games we highly suggest you try out in the Steam next Fest. Now, go out there and download those demos and experience the games yourself. Don’t forget to add them to your wishlist if you plan on buying it in the future!

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