How to Reinstall Steam Games & Download Them | 2022 How-To

Repair most errors by reinstalling your games in Steam!

If you encounter errors in launching your game in Steam, verifying your files and repairing may not be enough to solve the issue. When this happens, it is important to know how you can reinstall and download your games on Steam.

Reinstall Games and Download – Steam

To start, launch and log into your Steam Client and click on the Library tab. Select the Home button and you should see some of your most recently played games.

Underneath the Home tab are a list of games that you currently own.

On your computer, if the name game is colored white, then that would mean that it’s already installed. However, if it is greyed out, it signifies that the game is already uninstalled.

If you are not seeing all of your games, you may need to unselect the Show Ready to play games button next to the Games tab.

To install games you currently own, simply click on them and click the Install button.

Change and modify the file location of the game depending on where you want it to be installed. However, if you want to uninstall a game, simply right-click on the title and hover to the Manage button. Select Uninstall and confirm it to begin the uninstallation.

You can check the games you are currently downloading by clicking on the Downloading button at the bottom of the client.

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