FFXIV: Gladiator Guide | Lord of the Inferno 2022

Fight Ifrit, the Lord of the Inferno, with this guide to help you.

FFXIV Gladiator Guide Lord of the Inferno 2022

In Final Fantasy, there are recurring summons that make an appearance in every entry to the Final Fantasy franchise. These summons are often large, monstrous, and very powerful. Other times, they’re cute and fluffy (looking at you, Chocobo summon). In Final Fantasy XIV, they are still summons, but they are not here to help you. Instead, you fight them. One of these summons is none other than the iconic fiery monster and Lord of the Inferno, Ifrit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Ifrit, but as a Gladiator.

Gladiator Guide for Lord of the Inferno – FFXIV 

The Lord of the Inferno fight has been in the game since the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV in the form of A Realm Reborn. But as years go by, with new updates and expansions being added to the game, there are changes made to the base game, and even the Ifrit fight.

For example, stunning Ifrit during the fight before would make your Limit Break gauge fill up considerably. Now, they have changed it to only fill up only a quarter of the Limit Break gauge. Why they changed it is unknown. But keep in mind that you can stun Ifrit to fill up the Limit Break gauge. It’s not as large compared to before, but it’s still a good tactic to keep in mind.

As a Gladiator, you are the tank of the group. Meaning you have to take the brunt of Ifrit’s attacks while your other teammates deal damage or heal you. A good way to keep your teammates safe and away from harm is by attacking Ifrit from behind and drawing his attention to you, making him turn his back to your teammates.

As the tank, you will have to do this a lot. This is because you can take more damage compared to DPS or mage characters. With Ifrit’s back to your teammates and his attention to you, your healer should then focus on healing you while your DPS teammates attack. This should be your gameplan when dealing with large bosses.

Halfway through the fight, when Ifrit’s health is halved, he will summon an Infernal Nail to the field. Switch your attention to this, because leaving it alone will make Ifrit jump into the air and slam into the ground, performing a one hit kill attack that will kill you and all of your teammates. Be sure to still have Ifrit’s attention while doing so, so your teammates won’t get attacked by him.

Once the Infernal Nail is destroyed, then you can go back to the usual formation of you (the tank) making Ifrit have his back against your teammates while you attack his front. He will still attempt to do a jump attack that would usually kill you in one hit, but thanks to you destroying the Infernal Nail, the damage is significantly lowered.

He will then start summoning fire from the ground that can be indicated by the glowing fiery spots. You avoid this by going to the areas that are clear, like the center of the ground. The attack takes 5 seconds to charge, so use that time to move to a safer area.

Eventually, you’ll reduce his life bar till it’s gone, signifying your victory against ifrit and in clearing the dungeon.

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