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Genshin Impact: All 10 Toki Alley 3 Torn Page Locations

We’ve reached the third phase of the quest!

As we spend hours and hours playing games we love, there are moments where we need to find something that we really can’t be bothered to find. And these are the moments that bring bread to my table! Genshin Impact has received an update recently that adds a whole new archipelago and it’s full of quests and  collectibles! Now, if you’re doing the Toki Alley Tales quest and have reached the III rd stage, then you’ve found the perfect article!

All 10 Toki Alley 3 Torn Page Locations – Genshin Impact

As specified before, there are 10 Torn Pages we’ll need to collect. Here are their locations:

  • Asase Shrine

    As you climb up the hill at Asase Shrine, you’ll see a Sakura Tree. Next to it will be a little shrine that has something shining next to it. That’s the page.
    The Custom Pin in the picture below shows the exact location of the page.

  • “Seiraimaru”

    If you’ve entered the ship “Seiraimaru” after beating the puzzle, and beat the second puzzle inside, you’ll have to go down some stairs.
    Next to them, on the floor you’re on, you’ll see the page.

  • Relics of Seirai

    While you’re in Koseki Village, you’ll stumble into a girl being attacked. You’ll get the Relics of Seirai quest if you help her.
    While doing her quest, you’ll end up in a basement, doing a floor puzzle. In that room, you’ll find the 3rd page.
    If you need help with the puzzle, we’ve have a separate guide on Relics of Seirai.

  • East of Koseki Village

    Right were the Custom Pin is, on the edge of the cliff there, you’ll find the Torn Page.

  • East of Koseki Village 2

    If you’ve reached the Teleport Waypoint shown below, get right below it and you’ll find the Page on a ledge.

  • Fort Hiraumi

    On the rightmost boat at the Custom Pin, you’ll see something shining.

  • Northeast of Amakumo Peak

    At the location shown below, there will be a little shrine that has the page in front of it.

  • Southeast of Amakumo Peak

    You will find it at the location shown below, on the single boat that you’ll see there.

  • Southeastern Island

    In the little hut there that has a radish and some other food inside.

  • Underground Amakumo Peak

    After you’ve lowered the water for the second time here, as you proceed downwards, you’ll see something shining on one of the ledges.
    Be careful because you can miss this one really easily.
    You can lower the water at Amakumo Peak easily.

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Genshin Impact: All 10 Toki Alley 4 Torn Page Locations

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