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Golden Tea Bowl Relic Location | Ghostwire: Tokyo

Where can you get the Golden Tea Bowl?

The Golden Tea Bowl is one of the relics that you can find in Ghostwire: Tokyo. However, finding relics can be challenging because they do not have specific markers. This guide will show you where you can find the Golden Tea Bowl relic.

Golden Tea Bowl Location – Ghostwire: Tokyo

If you ever need additional supplies for your exploration in Ghostwire: Tokyo, you will find Nekomatas all over the map. Nekomatas are cat vendors that can provide you with extra supplies like Food or Dog Food to give to the dogs you will find in Tokyo.

Once in a while, Nekomatas will give you requests for specific items like Relics.

The Golden Tea Bowl relic is a relic sought after by the Luster-loving Nekomata.  Fulfilling these requests can give you items and even Meiko as rewards.

To get the Golden Tea Bowl relic, go to the area on the map above, near a shop stall. You will see a small wooden shrine to your left.

The Golden Tea Bowl is on top of the shrine, and you can collect it and give it to the Nekomata for rewards.                                                                                                                                         

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