How To Defeat Yaseotoko in Ghostwire: Tokyo | Boss Fight

Learn the moves of Yaseotoko and defeat him in the hardest difficulty!

There are multiple different enemies that you will encounter in Ghostwire: Tokyo. The Yaseotoko is one of the first bosses you need to defeat in Ghostwire: Tokyo. This guide will show you how you can defeat Yaseotoko in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Defeat Yaseotoko – Ghostwire: Tokyo

Yaseotoko is one of the first masked bosses you will meet in Ghostwire: Tokyo. When you first meet him, he will bring you into an alternate dimension and will transform into a monkey-like boss.

Note that Yaseotoko will wield multiple attacks, both melee and ranged.

You want to keep your distance from him while firing your wind spells. For the ranged projectiles, try to time your blocks to avoid any damage. Make sure you have plenty of food at your disposal.

Yaseotoko will also put up a purple shield that will prevent him from getting damaged. Continuously attack him during this state and it will eventually break, staggering him. While he is staggered, use your powerful fire attacks to deal maximum damage.

When he uses the blue orb, he will charge towards you or fire a wave-like projectile.

When you are low on your SP, use the items around you. You can also use your bow to land a few hits while evading his attacks.

Once you rip out its core, a cutscene will occur, giving you more insight into the story.

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