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All Jizo Statues Location In Namita Shrine | Ghostwire: Tokyo

Increase Akito’s power by collecting Jizo Statues! Let’s venture in this shrine first, shall we?

Jizo Statues are small structures that you can find all over the map in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Activating these Jizo statues can increase the overall power of Akito’s abilities. This guide will show you all the Jizo Statues you can find in Namita Shrine.

Jizo Statues in Namita Shrine – Ghostwire: Tokyo

Collecting Jizo Statues is one of the priorities you should have when you first start playing Ghostwire: Tokyo. Getting these statues can increase the maximum capacity of Akito’s abilities, making them crucial in the game.

There are a total of three Jizo Statues in Namita Shrine, and you can find all their locations as listed below:


The first Jizo Statue is to the southeast of Namita Shrine. You can find the Wind Jizo statue to your right, next to a building that is near the yellow railing.


The second Jizo Statue is to the northwest of the Namita Shrine.

From the waypoint in the map below, head a little to the south until you see some rubbish pile to your left. You should see some orange traffic cones next to a blue box.

Head straight for the blue box and you should see a small opening that leads to the Jizo statue.


You can find the last Jizo statue to the north of the Namita Shrine. On the highway, you should find a brownish truck and a light blue minivan. The Jizo statue is in between these two cars.

There you have it, that is all the Jizo Statues you can find around the Namita Shrine area.

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