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Ghostwire Tokyo is born from the great minds of the developers within Bethesda, makers of The Elder Scrolls series.  It’s a beautiful game that’s set in modern Tokyo with a supernatural twist. As most RPGs, you will have to go through a main questline that entails storytelling, challenges, and new characters to meet.

Here is a guide for one of the quests you’ll encounter in this game.

The Voice In The Wall Quest Guide

You can begin this side quest by talking to the Repair Worker southeast of the Aisawa Shrine. It will tell you of a strange event happening in the hotel.  A room is apparently missing on the 4th floor, shrouding the place in mystery. 

Once you’ve begun the quest, head into the hotel and you’ll find a Rain Walker staring at the elevator. Defeat him and check the counter for food

Afterwards, you can ride the elevator to the 4th floor.

Go down the hallways and use your spectral vision, you’ll be greeted by a yokai attached to the wall.  Absorb it to get a magatama and then go inside the room. 

Check the side table for a File. You can also get a relic here by checking the little painting on the wall. 

Once you’re done, head back down, talk to the spirit that gave you the quest and that will mark the end of the quest! 

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