How To Complete Karakasa-Kozo In Ghostwire: Tokyo | Quest Guide

Time to put your stealth skills to the test in this particularly challenging side quest!

Often more challenging than the main mission, Ghostwire: Tokyo has a plethora of side quests that will challenge different skills up your arsenal. 

Karakasa-Kozo is a side quest that targets to hone your stealth skills. It’s a quest you can access early on and would function as a means to teach you how to use the stealth mechanic in this game effectively.

Read on to see how to complete it!

How To Complete Karakasa-Kozo

You’ll begin by finding a young girl’s spirit near a park, west of the Shiroyama Shrine

The quest starts when you talk to her. The quest’s main objective is to catch the umbrella Yokai but there’s a catch, it must not notice you or you’ll start the mission all over again. 

The best method to employ for this quest is to stay crouched as much as you can and use your spectral vision to memorize the Yokai’s movements. It’s only a matter of knowing when to strike and, with proper timing, you should be able to clear this without a problem.

This quest will reward you with a Magamata and 1000 Meika which you can use to further build your strength. 

Karakasa-Kozo is not the only stealth quest in the game, and similar quests pop up all throughout Tokyo. Just remember to be careful when doing these types of quests and you’ll be a master of stealth in no time!

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