The First Descendant: October Beta Schedule For Different Time Zones

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Do you want to participate the beta testing of The First Descendant? Check this guide out to know what time and up until when the servers are open for your time zone. You may even have a hard time launching and joining in, so I’ll be providing tips and tricks you can do as well!

October Beta Schedule For Different Time Zones

As you know, the servers for the beta testing in this game has schedules. If you try to enter the server on the wrong time, you won’t be able to join no matter what. That’s why it’s important to know the schedule if you don’t want to end up wasting time looking at your screen.

Here’s the schedule for The First Descendant’s October Beta testing:

Time ZoneStartEnd
Los AngelesOct 20th, 00:00 PDTOct 26th, 23:59 PDT
New YorkOct 20th, 03:00 EDTOct 27th, 02:59 EDT
Sao PaoloOct 20th, 04:00 BRTOct 27th, 03:59 BRT
LondonOct 20th, 08:00 BSTOct 27th, 07:59 BST
BerlinOct 20th, 09:00 CESTOct 27th, 08:59 CEST
SeoulOct 20th, 16:00 KSTOct 27th, 15:59 KST
SydneyOct 20th, 18:00 AEDTOct 27th, 17:59 AEDT

Now that you know the schedule, check the beta’s scheduled time for your specific time zone, and patiently wait for it to open.

Once open, simply launch the game. However, I recommend using the desktop shortcut since it’s said that there are issues when launching the game at the moment.

You may also want to check this guide on how to defeat the Devourers in the game!

That sums it up for the October Beta Schedule in The First Descendant. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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