Wartales: How To Do Crafting – Mining | Guide

Get to Mining in Wartales!

Wartales focuses on the life of mercenaries in a medieval world. There are various items and resources in the game that are necessary for crafting. This guide will show you how to mine and get resources like Iron Ores in Wartales.

How to Mine in Wartales

Resources like Iron Ore can be found in Mines all over the map. When you enter a mine, you will see Iron Ore Nodes all over the cave. You have to click on them and choose a party member to become a Miner for the Iron Ore Nodes.

Click confirm once you are done choosing your party member. You will see a gray circle on the screen with a pulsing circle outline that will turn green when it goes inside the gray circle. 

You have to click on the middle of the gray circle when it turns green. Depending on your success rate for the mini-game as well as the skills of your character, you can get more resources like Iron Ore in the mines. 

Clicking on the gray circle correctly can also give you rare items and resources like Gems so be sure to time your clicks correctly.

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