Haze Piece: Dragon Hybrid Update

Now that’s an amazing looking model!

Haze Piece Dragon Hybrid Update Guide

A lot of players can’t help but speculate what the new update for their game is going to be. From MMOs to live-service games we’re always hungry for new content.

Haze Piece a lot of talk has been going around on the new Dragon Hybrid update. The developers have been nice enough to give everyone a sneak peek of their progress and it looks amazing!

In this guide, we’ll show you what the new update is going to be about and as the name implies it’s going to focus on the Dragon Hybrid. Now, let’s see what the new leaks and sneak peaks gave us!

Dragon Hybrid Update

With a new year, comes new content for most games and Haze Piece is no different. There’s been talk of a new Dragon Hybrid form in the game.

Like the other fruits with transformations, the Dragon Hybrid will have its model. The developers have shown their progress in recent discord updates and here’s what it will look like down below.

Of course, it’s not final yet and some changes can be made before the release but as you can see it’s already looking great.

There’s no word on the moves yet from leaks or the developers, so we’ll have to wait for the actual update.

Haze Piece Dragon Hybrid Model

They’ve also asked the players in their discord how you could get this Hybrid. The options were it was unlocked at the start and is weaker or you’ll need to unlock it via a quest and can be stronger. Most players of course chose the latter!

There is no planned release date for this update but hopefully, they’ll release sometime this month!

That’s the Dragon Hybrid Update that’s going to be released in Haze Piece soon. Now, all we need to do is wait for the actual update!

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