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The rare X-Chara!

Roblox Heaven Stand how to get X Chara
Roblox Heaven Stand how to get X Chara

One of the rarest things to get in Heaven Stand is the X-Chara. In a short amount of time, the X-soul is made available for a short period of time. But what is the method of getting this rare X-Chara? And what does the X-soul have to do with it?

How to Get X-Chara

You get X-Chara when you use the X-soul on standless mode. What you need to do is grind for the X-soul. The method to get an X-soul is by killing or resetting another player. They will then drop an X-soul, with the chance of 1% (up from the previous 0.15%).

Heaven Stand how to get X-Chara

Now after getting the X-soul and use it on Standless, you’ll be able to launch several cool moves. It’s truly allowing you to spam your knife moves to the max.

You can use M1, E (I am the X-Event), R (X! Stab), T (X! Blaster), Y (X! Bone Field), G (X! Knife), and H (X! Slash). There are also several modes you can use.

Heaven Stand how to get X-Chara

X-Chara Heaven Stand

To use this on Awaken mode, you need 50 or lower HP and U. Your blade will glow and you can still use your other moves but with enhanced damage and obviously, cool effect. You can also use Overwrite moves, such as G (Overwrite Slam), Teleport, T (Summon Friend), and Y (Sword Dance).

X-Chara Heaven Stand

X-Chara Heaven Stand Overwrite

Do you want to read more about Heaven Stand? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Heaven Stand Wiki for everything you’ll need! It’s filled with information like NPCs, Locations, how to get the Stands and more!

Unfortunately, the event was abruptly ended prematurely. But one can always be prepared to wait for the X-Chara being made available again!

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