Heaven Stand: Mini Hakkero Spawn Locations

All the spawn locations in one guide!

In Heaven Stand, you’ll have to find a Mini Hakkero as a prerequisite for the very powerful character, Marisa. Of course, it will be challenging to find them, but I assure you that it will be worth it. Here’s a guide which features all the possible spawn locations for the Mini Hakkero!

Mini Hakkero Spawn Locations

The Mini Hakkero is one of the 3 materials required in order to acquire Marisa, aka An Ordinary Human Magician.

But don’t let her name fool you as she’s easily one of the most broken characters in the game at the moment. Now, I’ll show you all the possible spawn locations for this item.

As for the Mini Hakkero, you’ll be able to pick them up from different possible spawn locations around the map. They will spawn once every 15 minutes, at a rate of 5%.

With that said, you’d want to do this on servers without many players as you’ll have a hard time acquiring one when competing with others.

Spawn Location #1

Spawn Location #2

Spawn Location #3

Spawn Location #4

Spawn Location #5

Do you want to read more about Heaven Stand? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Heaven Stand Wiki for everything you’ll need! It’s filled with information like NPCs, Locations, how to get the Stands and more!

I’d also like to thank the community for putting up these locations. You may want to check out the Heaven Stand Official Trello site, for more information as well.

These are all the spawn locations for the Mini Hakkero in Heaven Stand. The 5% spawn chance may seem a bit daring to pursue, but it will be worth it as you’ll be able to get yourself a very powerful Stand. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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