Heaven Stand: X!Frisk Dual Knife Spawn Locations

All the dual knife spawn locations!

Heaven Stand is a new Roblox game that takes a lot of inspiration from the Jujutsu Kaisen series. The game allows players to use different abilities that can be obtained through exploration and fighting bosses.

The latest update to the game added Toji as a playable character. This guide will focus on the spawn locations of the Dual Knife, which is very rare to find.

Dual Knife Spawn Locations

First Location

The knife may spawn in this location shown in the image below. You can use the Lamp Post and the tree to the left to pinpoint the exact spot. Keep in mind that the knife can appear anywhere along this path, so be sure to explore the area thoroughly.

First location X!Frisk Dual Knife

Second Location

The knife may also spawn in this location shown in the image below. It can be found near the tree, which is right beside where the Toji NPC is. Look around in the tree’s shade for the knife.

Second location X!Frisk Dual Knife

Third Location

Next, the knife may also spawn in this location highlighted in the image shown below. Try to look for that Pink NPC in the image. The knife should spawn across the road that the character is seen crossing.

Third location X!Frisk Dual Knife

Fourth Location

Moreover, the knife may also spawn in this location: to the left of the training NPCs as shown in the image below. Simply walk along this path to look for the knife’s exact spot.

Fourth location X!Frisk Dual Knife

Fifth Location

The next location of the knife is on the pathway that surrounds the park. Look for the tree and the lamp post at the corner of the park. The knife will spawn somewhere along this pathway, so keep looking for it.

Fifth location X!Frisk Dual Knife

Sixth Location

Lastly, the knife may also spawn under the shadow of the tree as shown in the image below. There is also a lamp post under this shadow that should make it slightly easier to identify this location.

Sixth location X!Frisk Dual Knife

There is only a 1% chance of the Dual Knife spawning every 30 minutes in the game. Also, it can spawn at any one of the locations shown in this guide. Hence, it is very likely that you will have to spend a lot of time looking at all the possible spawns.

Do you want to read more about Heaven Stand? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Heaven Stand Wiki for everything you’ll need! It’s filled with information like NPCs, Locations, how to get the Stands and more!

We trust that this guide has assisted you in your search for the knife in Heaven Stand. If you have any inquiries or ideas for upcoming articles, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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