High On Life: Blim City All Luglox Locations

Find all 15 Luglox Locations with this guide!

Blim City is a very beautiful place with a lot of hidden things inside of it. The Luglox boxes and crates are one of those things. In this guide, we shall be showing you where to find all of the Luglox Locations and how to actually get to them since it is tricky. Let’s get started.

Blim City All Luglox Locations – High On Life

Note that all the abilities that you will need to get to the Luglox will be obtained as you progress through the main story of the game. So do not panic if you cannot do it in a certain period of time. Just play the story and you will be able to do so later on.

Luglox Location 1

As you exit your home take a right turn next to the house. You will see this garage and inside is the Luglox.

Luglox Location 2

On top of the Ploppeppers stand that can be found in the center of the town.

Luglox Location 3

You will need to locate the Little Shitaly location also in the center of the town. You will enter it and then go to the left side. Here get Creature in your arms and shoot a bomb in this tunnel.

Then a door will open and you can get the Luglox.

Luglox Location 4

It will be just next to the road in the center of town where these structures can be found.

Luglox Location 5

Just take the tunnel that leads you to the dark little corner from where you found the Luglox Location 4. On the right side, you will find the Luglox on the road.

Luglox Location 6

You will come to this location and then use the rifle that will get you up to the wall. You will need to fire it a couple of times and then use your jetpack to get on top of them.

Once you get high enough you will just need to jump to where the arrows are pointing and you can find the Luglox.

Luglox Location 7

From the very same location where the Luglox Location 6 is, you will just want to jump on the wall and get to that Luglox shown here.

Luglox Location 8

You will follow down the road next to the big statue and get to this window here. Here you will destroy the small barricades and then just shoot a bomb with Creature. Then you can loot the Luglox.

Luglox Location 9

You shall need to come to these stairs that are next to the center. Once here you will just use the stairs and then jump on this ledge.

You will need to go up and higher and run up against the wall. Then you will use your hook on top of the tower and you will slide on the wall only to jump from this spot here too.

On top of that blue creature, structure is where you can find the Luglox.

Luglox Location 10

Just in the center of the center you will use these flies with your hook. You will jump on all of them and then land next to the Luglox which is located here:

Now just destroy it easily.

Luglox Location 11

Right under the location 10 you will find a place for sitting and eating. You will find the Luglox just on the right side of the yellow tables.

Luglox Location 12

Also just next to the yellow tables where people are feasting and eating in the daylight. Here you can find the Luglox just sitting on the stand.

Luglox Location 13

You will need to come by in the Downtown which is right next to the Luglox Location 12. Here you will need to use your Jetpack to get on top of that building. Once you are at the top you will find an opening on the roof.

Now while using Sweezy you will need to stop the machines moving and then get to the bottom where you can find the Luglox chest. Keep in mind that there are 2 of the machines so you don’t get killed.

Luglox Location 14

This one is just in this corner of Down Town. You will take a right and enter that little opening shown in the picture above.

Luglox Location 15

You will come in the center of town where you will need to use the flies to jump yourself up to the top of that little pole that is highlighted in the picture above. You will need to use the jetpack as well to get there.

Once on the pole, you will now jump and follow the arrows pointing to the right. You will need to use the jetpack just right and not so much so that you can get under the bridge. You will then climb on top of that surface on the other side.

When on the surface, you will look up and find the Luglox on the other surface. Use your jetpack and hook to get there.

Those are all the Luglox Locations! We hope that this guide has helped you out on finding them all. Have fun!

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