High On Life: Carried Stan’s Load To Completion Achievement Guide

This seriously cannot be an achievement.

High On Life is Justin Roiland’s creation and it oozes with his signature brash and immature comedy that attracts anyone below the age of 12 (no dig at Roiland, I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old so I can definitely say this). High On Life features many wacky and out of the blue moments that can make you question whether or not this game is real or just a figment of everyone’s imagination, like the achievement called “Carried Stan’s Load To Completion”. Yes, you are not hallucinating, that is a real achievement in the game.

Carried Stan’s Load To Completion Achievement Guide – High On Life

Talk to Stan in Blim City

After finishing the 3rd bounty, head over to Blim City and talk to an NPC named Stan. Stan is a short alien with a large head and orange skin. He will be wearing a cloak that covers his body. Talk to him, and he will offer you a once in a lifetime deal to purchase… alien cum.

Now you may say no, but this is the first step into getting the achievement. After some much debate, you and Kenny will then agree to buy some cum from Stan. With the item in your inventory, all that’s left is to carry the jar of cum in your inventory to the end of the game.

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