Honkai Star Rail: Ultimate Guide To Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan havers, here’s how to treat him right.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan build
Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan build

The second banner of Honkai: Star Rail features Jing Yuan, the general of Xianzhou Luofu and teacher to another 5-star character, Yanqing. And he truly lives up to his role as a general – he’s really a beast on the field. With the right equipment, he’s so good in the Forgotten Hall and with Elation path in Simulated Universe.

We’ll talk about the Light Cones, the right team compositions, and how to maximize Jing Yuan’s damage output. If you’re still wondering if he’s worth pulling for the meta, keep reading. But FYI, this build revolves around the current meta, which is still limited considering the amount of future content we’ll have later.

Ultimate Guide To Jing Yuan

We’re going to split this up from getting him the right Relics and Light Cone, to coming up with the best party for Jing Yuan. Let’s start with the basic introductory to how exactly Jing Yuan works.


Jing Yuan is an Erudition character who specializes in AoE attacks. But his entire skillset focuses a lot on her Prana Extirpated. The Lightning-Lord is like the fifth character in your line up. And the more skills and ultimates your Jing Yuan do, the more turns he’ll have and the harder he hits. You get two more stacks with each skill use, and three more stacks with ultimate, up to 10.

Lightning-Lord’s attacks are considered follow-up attacks and they will deal a certain percentage of your attack to an enemy. Multiply that with 10, which is the max stacks and you get an insane amount of damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Ultimate Guide To Jing Yuan

Your priorities when investing in his Traces should be an equal split between his Skill and Ultimate and then the Battalian Crush, which is a branch to the right. This passive increases the crit damage of the Lightning Lord by 25%.

He’s the best lightning-type character for shield breaking and is actually pretty simple to build. Let’s talk about the equipment now.


The talk of whether a five-star character requires Eidolons is always a sensitive subject because it means more pulls and investment. Fortunately, Jing Yuan at E0 is already a solid character.

Best Light Cones

There are several light cones that work well with Jing Yuan. Obviously, his signature light cone, the five-star Brillian Fixation, is his best partner. It has higher base attack and increases critical damage for both your skill and ultimate, as well as boosts the Lightning-Lord’s damage which stacks whenever you use your skill or ultimate.

Honkai Star Rail: Ultimate Guide To Jing Yuan

But that option is not available, there are four-star light cones that work well with him. We’re listing it down below:

  • The Birth of the Self: Increases your follow-up attack damage by 24% and another 24% if the opponent’s health is 50% or below
  • Seriousness of Breakfast: Increases your damage by 15% and then another 5% for every defeated enemy up to 3 stacks
  • Today Is Another Peaceful Day: Increases damage by 0.2% times your max energy, up to 160 energy points
Honkai Star Rail: Ultimate Guide To Jing Yuan

First, the Birth of the Self is probably the best four-star light cone to use on him if you don’t have the five-star light cone. It allows for a consistent damage output with your Lightning Lord. On top of that, is still useful during boss fights where you don’t get to stack your buffs with kills. Which is the case with the Seriousness of Breakfast.

The Seriousness of Breakfast is situationally, a better alternative. If you have multiple enemies, like Simulated Universe waves or Calyx runs, it tops the Birth of the Self. You can also get it for free at the Forgotten Hall shop for as many as you want and Superimpose it to the max. At max Superimpose, you get 8% attack buff per kill on top of a 25% damage buff.

Honkai Star Rail: Ultimate Guide To Jing Yuan

Finally, Night on the Milky Way is honestly not something I’d immediately suggest to you. But it’s easily the next best thing if you don’t have other four-stars Superimposed and this is lying around. Its base attack is high.

Best Relics

We will pick his relics while also considering these quirks about Jing Yuan:

  1. Jing Yuan’s has 130 Energy which is considerably higher than most. This means it takes him a bit more turns to get his ultimate charged.
  2. Prana Extirpated moves faster the more it’s charged, but Jing Yuan’s speed is 99, which is pretty slow. This means you’ll end up with the Lightning Lord whose base speed is 60 and goes up by 10 per stack but always starts at 3 stacks taking its turn faster than Jing Yuan.

The Lightning Set, or known as the Band of Sizzling Thunder, is his best set, with the right substats. They buff his Lightning damage, and every skill use comes with extra 20% attack buff. But you will need a SPD main stat in one of your relics because Jing Yuan is slow. SPD will make him more consistent.

Honkai Star Rail: Ultimate Guide To Jing Yuan

On the other hand, Musketeer of Wild Wheat is a great alternative because they’re a lot easier to farm. They give 12% attack buff with 2-piece buff, which is more consistent. You may also have a lot of them from grinding bosses and treasure chest drops. That makes rolling for great substats easier.

Your main stats to find here are Crit Damage, Crit Rate, then Atk. But depending on your team comp, SPD might be something you want to consider especially if the substats aren’t there. Tingyun, Bronya, and Asta can help compensate this but we’ll talk more about them in the next part.

For Planar Ornaments, your endgame set has to be Inert Salsotto (World VI), which is amazing for Jing Yuan. One of the main stats is Lightning Damage Boost, but the other can be either ATK or Energy Regeneration. But if you’re still early game, the Herta Space Station is a good general choice.

Team Composition

Team comps in Honkai: Star Rail is always flexible. While my rule of thumb is always running Tingyun with Jing Yuan, some of you can find Asta as a great alternative. Bronya is also the best support character right now for DPS and is best partnered with almost just about any of your DPS.

Ideal comp for Jing Yuan hypercarry is: Jing Yuan, Bronya, Tingyun/Asta, and a shield or healer (Gepard, MC Preservation, Natasha).

But your comps are going to change depending on the situation and you probably don’t have Bronya. Tingyun solves your energy problem, so you can charge your Ultimate more. While Bronya and Asta allows you to take more turns before the Lightning Lord to maximize your damage output. They’re also great if you don’t have SPD stats in your Relics.

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