The First Descendant: How To Easily Defeat Hanged Man & Not Get Wiped Out

These 4 useful tips are all you’ll need if you want to beat the Hanged Man with ease!

The First Descendant: How To Easily Defeat Hanged Man & Not Get Wiped Out

After beating the Obstructer bossfight in The First Descendant, you’re now tasked to take on the Hanged Man. Unsurprisingly enough, you’re suddenly having a hard time on beating the boss unlike the other bosses you’ve fought. Well, that’s completely understandable. The Hanged Man bossfight adds more mechanics like weaknesses and the annoying “Altar”, which you must all learn if you want to beat the boss. Don’t worry, learning all of these will be worth it since you’ll need them anyway if you want to continue making progress in the game! I’m here to help you out, my friend.

How To Easily Defeat Hanged Man & Not Get Wiped Out

In order to access the Hanged Man bossfight challenge, you must head to the Void Intercept Battle (Hard) selection screen. The Hanged Man boss is a level 55 battle, and you can face it after defeating the DeadBridge at level 40, the Pyromaniac at level 45, and the Obstructer at level 50.

The encounter presents one of the largest learning curves in the game, forcing you to master a variety of mechanics and strategies. That said, I’ll provide 4 tips that’ll help you out tremendously in beating the Hanged Man!

Tip 1: Use The Tamer Machine Gun (Byebye Boss)

First, get the Tamer Machine gun for the Hanged Man bossfight. You can farm it easily in the Agna Desert at the Abandoned Reconstruction Site Battlefield Mission.

The Tamer Machine Gun is currently the ultimate boss killer in the game, and during my first Hangman run, I managed to achieve over 200,000 DPS with this gun. Mod your weapon with lots of firearm attack damage and the toxin element, which is the Void Intercept boss’s weakness.

Tamer Machine Gun to defeat the Hanged Man in The First Descendant.

Tip 2: Recommended Descendants for the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is not your average boss fight and requires a full team to complete. My good Descendant recommendations are Ajax, Bunny, Freyna, and Viessa. Note that I am sharing a free-to-play path here.

If you have descendants like Enzo, Yujin, or Gley, the run will be easier, but it can be completed with Ajax blocking projectiles so your team can focus on dealing DPS.

Freyna is an absolute beast for this fight as her toxin skills do decent damage against the Hanged Man, while Bunny or Viessa can be used as runners to enter the Rage phase and avoid a wipeout. Additionally, bringing a Scout Rifle that deals decent damage for the Rage phase is beneficial.

Recommended Descendant for altar in defeating the Hanged Man in The First Descendant.

Tip 3: Familiarize Yourself with Hanged Man Mechanics

Now, let’s talk about the mechanics. The first thing you’ll notice on the Hanged Man is an altar beneath the boss with four tubes on it. These tubes will fill over time, and someone should grab the cube in the altar; otherwise, you will get wiped out with Hanged Man’s Doom laser.

This is the job of either Bunny or Viessa, as they have high mobility, but Descendants like Freyna with decent survivability can also do this job. Just remember that when you grab the cube, the boss will enter the Rage phase and throw nasty electric projectiles and area-of-effect damage that you must avoid.

The Hanged Man Altar in The First Descendant.

Be careful when retrieving the cube and do it quickly, as the Hanged Man will do a 5-second countdown to release an area-of-effect damage that will melt your shield and health. Also, the altar fully charges at the 8-minute mark of the Hanged Man fight, so your runner should retrieve the cube before this mark. While someone is running with the cube, the rest of the party should DPS the boss.

To do this, shoot the crystal in the mouth of the Hanged Man while avoiding the lasers. Scout rifles are handy here, but sometimes it’s better to spray bullets with the Tamer than snipe the mouth of the boss. Be careful of the lasers, as they will one-shot you if you don’t avoid them.

For those Descendants shooting the mouth of the Hanged Man, you should destroy the crystal at least twice to reduce the charge of the tubes in the altar to 80%. Then, the runner will place the cube in the altar again and retrieve it when the tube is full. Once you place the cube back, the Hanged Man will return to its normal phase, and you can damage him normally. Rinse and repeat this process until you defeat the boss.

Shoot the mouth of the Hanged Man boss in The First Descendant.

Tip 4: How To Mod Your Descendant for Hanged Man

In terms of modding your Descendant, go for lots of defense modules paired with increased health, and add the electric antibody to increase your elemental resistance against this boss. You should have at least 3,100 electric resistance to survive the electric damage if you can’t avoid some of its attacks.

The best final advice I can give is to go against this boss with a dedicated team or with friends so you can coordinate and strategize. It’s hard sometimes in public matches with random teams, but I hope people will see this guide, so everyone knows what to do during the Hangman boss fight. And that’s everything you need to know to beat the Hanged Man in The First Descendant. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Up next, why not check the best Transcendent Module farms in the game?


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