How to DISCONNECT PS4 Controller from PS5 & Unpair Controller

Unpair your controller so you can use it for other consoles!

You have used your controller to play with some friends on your PS5. Cool, cool, but now you don’t know how to disconnect it so you can use your PS5 controller in peace, or even just unpair the thing so you can use it for other things… Don’t really know what other things you’d use it for, but your business is your business. I’m just here to help you. Here is how you can do all that in a few easy to follow steps!

How to Unpair & Disconnect PS4 Controller From PS5

So, this will be really quick:

  1. Open you Settings (the cog in the upper part of your main menu).

  2. Find the Accessories tab and open it.

  3. In the General tab, go to the right and select the Bluetooth Accessories option.

  4. Select the DUALSHOCK 4 option.

  5. You’ll now see 2 options: Disconnect and Delete.

  6. Select Disconnect if you just want to turn your controller off and use it later.

  7. Select Delete, and then “OK”, if you want to unpair the controller from your console and use it for other reasons.

If you would like to reconnect it back to your PS5, use a usb cable to connect the controller to the console, and it will reconnect almost instantly.

The other choice would be pushing down the Share button and the Playstation button at the same time for around 5 second in order to make it enter Sync Mode.

In the Bluetooth Accessories tab you will see DUALSHOCK 4 listed there as a found accessory and you’ll just have to select to register it with your other connected controller.

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