How To Evolve Stantler Into Wyrdeer – Pokemon Legends Arceus

Grow and bust a move to get yourself an evolved Stantler!

Want to evolve Stantler to Wyrdeer in Pokémon Legends: Arceus? Well, that is easy. But you must first need to know where you can find Stantler and check a few requirements.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Evolve Stantler Into Wyrdeer

Stantler can be found at the Deertrack Heights in Obsidian Fieldlands, Glacier Terrace in Alabaster Icelands, and at the Wayward Road in Coronet Highlands.

Once you have caught Stantler you have to level him up to Level 21 and he will get the Psyshield Bash move. This is necessary in order to evolve in Wyrdeer.

Make sure that you use Psychield Bach in Agile Style with Stantler at least 20 times to be able to evolve.

Afterwards, you will have to grow it up again until Level 31.

Once you satisfied all these requirements, you can finally go to the menu and see the option to evolve Stantler. Press X and you will have a Wyrdeer in no time.

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