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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Sand Radish Locations

It’s time for resource hunting! Start the search for sand radish!

At Pokemon Legends: Arceus you will find yourself looking for resources in the Hisui Area that you can use for crafting. Of course the more resources you have the more crafting options you have. Here we will talk about where to get Sand Radish.

Sand Radish Locations Pokemon Legends Arceus

Sand Radish can be found in several places in the game. You can easily find it in Alabaster Icelands.

For example, you can look it up for it in Heart’s Crag. When you get there, look around carefully and you will find sand radish easily. Note that sand radish is a plant with a white base and blue leaves.

Usually you will be able to find it near a tree. Search the area and collect as much as you need. Also, beware of surrounding Pokémon that can attack you.

Concentrate in the middle of Heart’s Crag, you will find enough here.

When you have gathered enough, return to the base camp and restart the area, thus restoring the resources in that area. After which, you may farm for it again.

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