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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How To Get Bonsly

Catch that rare Bonsai Pokemon!

Some Pokémon are easier to find and catch while some are harder. Now we will talk about the harder ones such as Bonsly. Bonsly is a Level 28 Rock-type Pokémon, and looks like a bonsai tree.

Bonsly Location: Pokemon Legends Arceus

So where can you look for Bonsly? You will be able to find it in two locations, and you will need to be lucky enough to find it even in these two locations.

You can look for Bonsly in Cloudpool Ridge in the Crimson Mirelands and in Celestica Ruins in the Coronet Highlands.

The best option to catch Bonsly is to go to Crimson Marylands west of Diamond Settlement.

You should know that since it is a rare Pokémon it will not always spawn. So you may need to go to this location several times and go back to restart the spawn.

When you finally find it, use the Jet Ball and throw it at Bonsly to catch it. Note that it is possible that you won’t catch him with the first throw so repeat the procedure again until you successfully do so.

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