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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Flying Gyarados Location

Catch the flying Gyarados from the sky!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has Pokemons to catch scattered everywhere, and you would be surprised to see that there are Pokemons in the sky as well. This guide will show you where you can find the flying Gyarados in game.

Flying Gyarados Location— Pokemon Legends Arceus

Gyarados is a Flying and Water-type Pokemon and you can find it with the Intimidate ability. Due to its nature, it will receive more damage from Pokemons with Electric-type moves.

Gyarados is actually the final evolution from its base form Magikarp. Magikarp will evolve into Gyarados when it gets to Level 20.

Normally, you can catch Gyarados in Obsidian Fieldlands, Coronet Highlands, and Cobalt Coastlands.  It can spawn in Lake Verity, Sand’s Reach, and Primeval Grotto.

You can encounter the Flying Gyarados in the Obsidian Falls in Obsidian Fieldlands. Climb the mountain to see the Gyarados flying around the area near the waterfall.

To catch it, you will need to use a Feather Ball. You need to time it correctly and throw the Feather ball at the flying Gyarados when it is approaching you. Thankfully, it only flies in circles around the area so you can wait for the perfect timing to throw the ball.

And there you have it, that is how you can catch the Flying Gyarados in Obsidian Falls!

Want more flying Pokemon? I would suggest you also getting the Magnezone.

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