How To Get Gunpowder In Nightingale

Are you ready to start and create some powerful explosive materials?

How To Get Gunpowder In Nightingale

As you progress in Nightingale, you will be traveling through many different Realms. Each Realm will have many different monsters, threats, and many other challenges that you’ll need to overcome. This is why having a weapon and good armor is very important.

Firearms or Guns like the Lancaster Pistol are great weapons that can deal large amounts of damage to enemies. Before you use them, you will need Gunpowder to create ammo for your weapons. In this guide, we will show you how to get Gunpowder in Nightingale, which is also a material for many other important recipes.

How To Get Gunpowder In Nightingale

There are three main ways for you to get Gunpowder in Nightingale. They are defeating the Grenadier enemies, trading with the Essence Trader, and crafting at the Masonry Bench. I’ll explain them more in detail below.

Defeating The Grenadier

First, you’ll want to defeat all the The Bound Minions that you see. More specifically, you’ll want to look for the Grenadiers.

Upon defeating them, you will be able to have a chance of receiving the Gunpowder.

How To Get Gunpowder In Nightingale Grenadiers

Essence Trader

Next, you’ll want to go to the Essence Trader in any region. In the trade menu, you will be able to find Gunpowder as one of the trade options. With 15 Essence Dust, you will be able to get yourself 1 Gunpowder.

Nightingale Essence Trader

Refined Masonry Bench

The last way for you to obtain Gunpowder is through crafting at the Refined Masonry Bench. To do this, you’ll want to have:

  • 3x Carved Wood: To get Carved Wood, use the Refined Saw Table.
  • 3x Mechanical Gears: You can craft this item using the Brazier bench.
  • 2x Metal Tip: To create a Metal Tip, use the Brazier crafting bench.
Nightingale Refined Masonry Bench

Once you have created the Refined Masonry Bench, you’ll be able to find the Gunpowder Recipe. To craft 1 Gunpowder, you will need 2 Sulphur & 2 Coals. These are all materials that you can find from mining.

Nightingale Coal & Sulphur

That’s how you can obtain Gunpowder in Nightingale. Do you know that you can also go fishing in Nightingale? Take a look at this Nightingale Fishing Guide! Having all the fish you need will help you survive more effectively.

Once you have your Gunpowder and Firearms, you’ll also want to have some companions to accompany you on your journey. They will offer you the extra protection that you need. If you do not know how to recruit companions, check out the guide as well!


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