Gray Zone Warfare: Check Out Computers Quest Guide | Mithras

Liberate some old Soviet-era data with these simple steps!

Gray Zone Warfare is an extraction shooter with a whole bunch of vendors that give you various quests, just like in Escape From Tarkov. With the large map, it can be tough to figure out how to complete even the simplest of fetch quests. Check Out Computers by Lab Rat is one example of this, and in this guide, we will be showing you how to complete it as fast as possible!

Check Out Computers Quest Guide | Mithras

One thing to note before we get to the quest itself is that, while this guide is labeled for Mithras players, the steps for this particular task should be the exact same for the other two factions. The main difference is that Mithras’ base is much closer to the objective.

Basically, your objective for this one will be to find a set of diskettes containing old data within the bunker at YBL-1. You’ve probably been here several times in past missions, so we probably won’t need to tell you where it is in the map.

However, there is a shortcut that will let you enter the bunker and reach the objective much faster just on the outskirts of YBL-1. Around the highlighted part of the map below (coordinates: 142x, 122y), there is a hatch that will lead right into the tail end of the bunker.

Gray Zone Warfare map showing the general location of the bunker hatch

Upon entering the bunker from this hatch, just follow the main corridor through the left until you reach a broken staircase. Jump down and enter through the doorway labeled Corridor F. Take note of this location if you plan on doing Handshake’s Shortcut task too!

Keep following the hallway until you reach the doorway leading into Corridor E to the right. Go through it and turn left.

Gray Zone Warfare player about to go through corridor E

Upon turning to your left, you will see an open doorway right in front of you with the sign “Communication Room” beside it. All you need to do now is head through it and keep walking until you reach the end of the room.

At the end will be a table that has a bunch of diskettes onitlabeled “Bunker Computer Data”. Take them and fight your way out of the bunker. You will need to survive in order to complete the objective.

Gray Zone Warfare player about to pick up the bunker computer data

With the diskettes on hand, you must now extract before you can hand it over to Lab Rat. If you die at this point, you’ll have to grab the quest item again. Since the bunker is a hotspot full of AI enemies and other players doing their own tasks, be ready for a fight.

You cannot exit back out of the hatch that you entered through, so you must escape through the main entrance before calling in for extraction. Just take your time and check your corners to ensure your survival!

And that is pretty much everything you need to know in order to complete this task. While you are here, consider checking out our guide on almost every task in Gray Zone Warfare specifically for Mithras players to prepare for more difficult quests!


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