How To Heal Injuries & Inactives In Rainbow Six Extraction

Get back to full health by racking up those XP!

Rainbow Six Extraction is a new co-op game that faces you off against numerous Alien life forms. As you face difficult enemies, there may be times when you need to heal up injuries to get back to the fight. Here is how you can heal injuries and inactive in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Heal Injuries and Inactives — Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction allows you to assemble your team of Operators and each operator can be useful for different types of enemies. However, when an Operator is injured or has low health, you may want to swap them out and make them inactive.

Keep in mind that swapping out your Operators and making them inactive does not automatically heal them. When you go to the Operators tab you will see the current HP of your operators and if they are inactive or not.

To heal your Operators or Inactive operators, you need to go on a mission and complete it.

What happens is that you will get a set amount of experience depending on the difficulty of the mission. Then, your team will heal depending on the experience you gained.

The inactive operators will heal slowly as you progress through missions, and you can use them again after they heal up to 50 HP.

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