Rainbow Six Extraction: Missing In Action MIA Guide

Learn everything about the MIA missions!

When you go on a mission in Rainbow Six Extraction, your operators are essential to finish the job. However, if you fail a mission, this can lead you to lose an operator, giving you an MIA mission. This guide will show you how you can complete MIA missions in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Missing In Action Guide — Rainbow Six Extraction

We recommend that you do the Missing In Action missions with at least 2 people or more.

After launching the mission, make sure you clear the area first of any enemies. If you try to extract your operator while there are enemies around, they will come at you, which can injure your operator.

Once the room is clear, go to the Archaean Tree and hold the pull button to pull out the operator. If you have another person with you, the other person will then follow the tendrils and wait for them to glow.

When they glow and bloom, shoot the flower and the anchor points to prevent them from refilling the energy of the tree. Once you destroy all the tendrils connecting to the tree, you can pull out your Operator and bring them back with you.

Don’t have a second man? Take a look on how to complete MIA missions while playing solo!

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