Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Destroy Tormentor Projectiles

You can only attack once it’s fully charged!

Rainbow Six Extraction has a lot of alien-like enemies with different types and attack patterns. Some of the enemies like the Tormentor can be tricky to fight. This guide will show you how you can destroy the Tormentor’s projectiles.

Destroy Tormentor Projectiles — Rainbow Six Extraction

The Tormentor can be a tricky enemy to defeat because it can hide and travel underground while shooting projectiles at you.

NOTE: You can find a Tormentor if you are playing on a higher-difficulty mission.

The trick to fighting the tormentor is patience, it is important to lure them out one by one and keep them isolated. If you are fighting a tormentor while surrounded by other enemies, it can be difficult to avoid its projectiles.

What you need to do is wait for it to charge up an orb as you see in the photo above. You should not shoot the faster projectiles, simply evade them and wait for the tormentor to charge up the orb.

Once it releases the huge projectile, shoot it using a shotgun and that should destroy it.

So simply keep your distance from the tormentor and wait for it to charge up the projectile while avoiding its fast attacks.

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