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Where To Find Lurkers In Alaska In Rainbow Six Extraction

Navigate your way to spot the Lurkers!

Rainbow Six Extraction is a multiplayer game based on cooperation between players. The main goal here is to infiltrate a location full of aliens and finish objectives, collect samples and materials as well as collecting intel.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Where To Find Lurkers In Alaska

So how do you find the lurkers in Alaska? There is no reliable and accurate method but this method can help you find them.

Set the game to a cautious level as it will give you tougher but lower-level opponents. That means you do not get the toughest opponents.

In Alaska, Lurkers can be found mostly on the second and third levels in the Eurydice Commons.

Ideally, most of them will be on the third level, you will encounter them in the third mission. Here you will find most of the Lurkers.

It is possible to find them in the first level but in the third level, you will not avoid them for sure. So adjust the difficulty to cautious and look for the Lurkers in the third level.

That’s the recipe to find them. Let me just mention at the end that this method is not ideal and that occasionally it may not work for some, but it will usually work for most players.

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