How To Prepare for Artist as F2P – Lost Ark

Planning on spending zero money on an MMO? Good luck.

MMO’s have a notorious reputation for being incredibly greedy and pay to win. It’s why most people don’t waste their time playing games like Lost Ark. However, there are games out there that can be strictly played as a free-to-play player, meaning you won’t have to spend a dime on other things like started packs, resources, and cosmetics.

With a new class called Artist coming out in April 2023, players are getting ready for its release. If you want to spend nothing on the game, then this guide will help you become an efficient free-to-play Artist.

Lost Ark – How To Prepare for Artist as F2P

Farm for Accessory Selection Chests in Challenge Guardian Raid

Source: Lost Blade

Prepping for a new class is always hard. After all, how can you prepare for a class that you have not played yet, and is not even released to the public?

Gear isn’t even available to farm in preparation for the Artist class. But do you know what is farmable though? Accessories. Accessories are available for all classes, even to those who have yet to be released.

One of the best ways to prep for the Artist class is to farm accessories.

The Challenge Guardian Raid offers an Accessory Selection Chest XII when you run through the raid. After you finish the raid, you can then keep the chests until the Artist class releases.

Save Honing Materials

Source: Lost Blade

With the Artist nearing release, people are less likely to use their honing materials, as they want to save them for when they are playing in the Artist class. You should do the same.

Farm as many honing materials as you can and save them. If you’re going to rely on the marketplace, then you should be ready with a ton of gold because once the Artist comes out, honing materials are going to be super expensive because the demand is high.

Get Engraving Recipes Now

Source: Lost Blade

The new class is going to be a goldmine for those who aren’t planning on playing Artist. If you are one of those who are not going to, then you can instead capitalize on the demand for everything related to building a character.

Engraving Recipes are one of those materials that people will be buying in bulk when the class releases. Now would be a good time to either farm or purchase them off the marketplace for cheap.

When the class releases, you can then put up the Engraving Pieces for sale at a reasonable, yet profitable price. Supply and demand, baby.

Huge thanks to Lost Blade for the information on how to prepare for the latest class addition to the game.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare and such, you can check out his YouTube video that goes in-depth on what to do.

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