Lost Ark: Artist Complete Gearing Guide

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Lost Ark just got a new class and has arrived in Arkesia followed by special events for this month’s Art of War update. Specializing as a support role, the Artist can unleash illusory powers from her magical brush and the ink that flows with it. That’s nice and all, but the true question lies within all of the grinding you need to do to have the right gear equipped! If it’s an RPG game with clothing options you always either max out stats or style. And with this guide we’ll be going with the former to make sure your skills are well appreciated by your team the next time you head out.

Artist Complete Gearing Guide | Lost Ark

After the most recent patch note you can now get double rewards from both the Valtan and Vykas Legion raids, sadly this change doesn’t speed up how fast you can get gear sets. You can however, try and gun for the full six piece set after your second week of raids by doing Valtan, Vykas, and Brelshaza on your first week.

Source: u/Alligro

Following the photo provided above can still allow you to reach the six set of Yearning on your third week but will get you to the Full Level 2 Upgraded Set a week earlier. With this you only have to do one Vykas Raid on the character by the time Brelshaza becomes available.

If you can do every Legion raid listed on the week provided and happen to get all of the auction boxes from Brelshaza and the Clown set that further guarantees you getting the full six set of Yearning which also requires Brelshaza boxes.

Thanks to Alligro for providing us with the information needed to make this guide possible, if you’re looking to know more then head on over to this link: Artist Release Gearing Guide (Explanations In Comments) : lostarkgame (

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