Farming Simulator 22: How To Install Mods

Install Mods in Farming Simulator 22!

Farming Simulator has a lot of content to offer. However, there are certain Mods and Maps that can make gameplay more fun, especially if you are a content creator. Here is how you can Install Mods in your game and explore more content!

In-game Modhub

Unlike other games where you have to manually activate your Mods, Farming Simulator 22 has an in-game Modhub. You can access this in the Title Screen by clicking on the Downloadable Content option. 

The Modhub will pop up and you can find all the Mods in the game. Pressing X will show all the Mods but pressing X again will show only the Crossplay Mods available in the game. You can also press Space to search for the Mods you need. 

Install Mods

After finding the Mods you want to install, you can simply press the plus button on the right-hand corner. You can also left-click on the Mod to know more about the details of the Mod like the Mod versions and Size. Pressing Enter will install the mod in your game. 

Click on the download list on the left side will show you the Mods that are currently being downloaded into your server. The Icon above the download list will show the updates for your Mods. 

You can also find the currently active mods in your Installed Mods menu, which is located above the Mod Updates menu. The icon below the Downloads menu will show the downloadable content made by Giants Software. 

If you create a new game, you can select and deselect which Mods you want to be active in the game.

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