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Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – How To Recruit Jacob

The morning worker can be recruited to your team. He’s name is Jacob.

If you’ve been playing for a few days, you might be wondering where all the other characters in the game are. If you’ve made it to day 8, you have a 100% met Jacob before. You know, the scared scribe that screams a lot. No, you don’t? Well, that’s why we have this guide, ready to show you how to get him. He can be a good addition to the team, since he has a good stats for working in the morning. You’ll never send him in the world though. He’s a bit of a coward, as the game would like to state.

How To Recruit Jacob – Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

If you want to get Jacob, know that you must reach day 6 first.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to enter the location where you’ll find him. If you have received the quest to open up the barracks, here’s how you recruit him:

  1. Get a shovel.

  2. Fast travel to the first point, next to the Marketplace.

  3. Here, you’ll find a “!” tagged event next to the spawn point. Click on it.

  4. Choose the “Examine the entrance” option. The only option.

  5. Click the “Clear the hallway [Requires a Shovel]” choice.

  6. On the next page, choose the obvious “Go to the rooftop [End]” option and you’ll finally see Jacob.

  7. Up on this roof, you’ll see another “!” pop up event surrounded by chests. Click on it.

  8. Hit the “Come closer” option, again, the only option.

  9. Now you’ll see Jacob’s beautiful scared face. Just choose “Talk to him”

  10. He’ll start going crazy and you might be inclined to hit him… Don’t. “Calm him down”

  11. You’ll now see the nice, green head with a plus that means you can recruit him. Choose “We must help each other” and then he’ll disappear, waiting for you at the castle.

And now you have Jacob in your crew. Umm, if you had space in you party, obviously…

He can be a great bonus for the team since he doesn’t eat or drink anything, giving you an opportunity to stock up on resources. Buuut, he can’t do anything else. He’s pretty much useless at night.

 So, you’ll have to see for yourself how you’d like to best utilize Jacob, the Ascetic scribe, in this hardcore survival game.

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